Rainy day

Though I see blue sky through the white clouds, windblown rain’s still coming down. It was good to feel rain on my face outside, but I’m happy to be warm inside just watching the weather now.

Reading “The Year Without Pants” has made me more curious about WordPress, one motivation for starting this blog. (We also use a WordPress blog to keep track of updates to arnoldfaden.org, but this one gives more room to experiment.)

I’m also hoping to start sharing personal development projects again soon through revfad.com. This blog will be one place to talk about them and give perhaps multiple updates per day. (For those who want something more thoughtful and less frequent, I’m planning to start a newsletter too.)

Till next time, I wish you well.


2 responses to “Rainy day”

  1. It’s another rainy day. If you see this, then commenting works for me.

    1. And if you can see this, then commenting should work for you.

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