Another walk, another weed

I swung by the library to return some books, then picked up a few more:

The game design book was waiting there for me. I searched for “startup” in the catalog on a whim, which led me to the others. (Per this Reddit thread, Game Mechanics: Advanced Game Design is also worth a look. The Santa Clara Library System doesn’t seem to have it, but it is available online through the system’s partnership with O’Reilly. Nice!)

Do you have any favorite business or game design books?

After the library, I meandered north towards El Camino Real and our old place in Mountain View.

Along the way, I saw a few beautiful ceanothus plants in bloom, including this one that I snapped a pic of:

Purple flowers on a ceanothus.

I must have seen them in previous years, but it’s only since moving into our new place and getting more into California native plants that I’ve really started noticing and appreciating them. It helps a lot just to know the name to start keeping track of things.

Not too far away from the old place, I came across another weed new to me — a lot of it, identification again thanks to Seek.

This was my longest walk yet since hurting my leg: 5.24 miles according to Strava. And I’m feeling fine.

Now to do some reading and maybe get to something more productive.


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