Walking along North San Antonio to El Camino Real

I had a nice walk this morning, my first time walking from our new place to El Camino Real. Strava tells me the roundtrip was around 4.6 miles, the furthest I’ve gotten to walk for a while. (But I’ll hope to go much further soon.)

One treat was seeing rooreh (miner’s lettuce, Claytonia perfoliata) in bloom.

I’ve had bad luck getting it to grow in our garden, showing how much I have to learn. (Elsewhere, as you can see, it grows like a weed.) But I’ll keep on trying because I hope to make rooreh salad sometime soon.

I also enjoyed using the Seek app (Android; iOS) to find the names of many weeds I’d forgotten or never knew. (If you see that Seek got any of these wrong, I’d love to be corrected.)

Finally, there was one other plant that I don’t believe I’ve noticed before:

Seeing these weeds from across the world made me think of “American Gods”, which I’m enjoying reading now. They were brought here, carried by humans, by accident or for reasons forgotten, but now have a life of their own. Unlike the gods though, they don’t require any worship to flourish.

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