Choosing a newsletter service

I’m planning to use this blog for quick thoughts, then less frequently send out a newsletter with more fully digested ideas plus other things that didn’t fit.

I’ve looked at a few alternatives:

I also thought about some of the others mentioned in Best Newsletter Platforms for 2024: Comparing 13 ESPs. For example, Michael Betancourt uses Sendfox, mentioned there, for his newsletter.

I like Ghost’s open source model. Spencer Ackerman uses it for his FOREVER WARS newsletter. Also, I like that it’s mentioned as one the best remote places to work in this 2022 article from Morgan Smith.

However, honestly, my newsletter is very much an experiment so the free starting tier for buttondown is important to me. I noticed some people (rightfully?) describing the sole proprietorship of it being a risk, but I also find that charming. (In digging for more info, I just noticed Ed Yong is on buttondown: The Ed’s Up. Subscribed!) caught my attention because I’m already thinking of it for other forum-like use cases. Manu Cornet uses it (or was using it?) to distribute Goomics updates. However, I don’t need the forum features for the newsletter and the jump in price is steeper.

If you’ve landed on one of these, what was the deciding factor for you?


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